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I'm a dyed-in-the-wool liberal, so it's really frustrating to watch liberal organizations get it wrong time and time again. Check out this call to action from Care2:

Our government is supposed to act on what the people want. So why is Chief of Staff Bill Daley saying he doesn't care that Americans want Environmental Protection Agency standards that protect our health from smog and global warming emissions?
According to polls, nearly 70 percent, a big supermajority, want the EPA to do its job and protect us from dangerous pollution. Yet, according to a Wall Street Journal article, Daley said "I don't give a [expletive] about the poll." Isn't it his job to care?

Notice the single quote, taken completely out of context. I don't know what Daley meant here. Maybe he really is just as bad a guy as they say he is. But they haven't established that. So I tracked down the article in the Wall Street Journal that contains the quote.
In context, it appears that what Daley was talking about was the idea that any regulation is good. He wants regulations to be tested for effectiveness. Does the regulation actually make the public safer, or not? Is there a cheaper way to obtain the same result?

I happen to agree with Daley on this particular point, although I suspect I would disagree with him on what it means for a regulation to be effective. But let's continue with what Care2 had to say:

It's no surprise that industry doesn't want more regulations that could hurt their bottom line, even it has serious affects on the health of ordinary Americans. But our government is supposed to look out for us -- real people -- not corporate bigwigs.
Okay, they have not established their position here. Daley says that not all regulations are good, and that they should be tested for effectiveness. That's not the same as saying that Daley is in favor of getting rid of regulations that do work. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't, but he isn't quoted as having said that in the WSJ article: in fact, he seems to be saying the opposite.

Also, the government is supposed to govern. That means regulating, effectively, to balance the various competing needs of its various constituents. This means that it needs to regulate effectively to make sure that nobody, corporation or not, is dumping toxic crap into the air or the water. It does not mean that any regulation, no matter how onerous and ineffective, is okay. But that's what Care2 is saying here.

Tell Daley and the Obama administration to put our health first, and support EPA efforts to protect us from global warming emissions and other pollutants »

No. You are wasting my time. Give me specifics. What specific regulation is Daley trying to get rid of that he shouldn't be getting rid of? Why? You just said Daley isn't interested in polls. What makes you think he's going to be interested in a petition?

This kind of call to action is pure, unadulterated crap. I'm tired of it. I unsubscribed from Care2's mailing list. I don't know what the hell they thought they were going to accomplish with this, other than to generate more noise and indignation about nothing specific. We already have more than enough of that.